About Us

Undead Threads Vintage

Based out of Charleston, South Carolina, Undead Threads Vintage started as a passion project that quickly turned in to a small business! UTV offers unique vintage, handmade and refashion garments and accessories that are influenced by the counter-culture movements of the 40's-00's. Shop online or stop by one of the many markets Undead Threads Vintage participates in!

Jacqueline MW Dougherty

Curator of Vintage Ware, Fashion Designer & Master Tailor. 

Jackie was taught to sew and developed her love for clothing when she was 7 years old. Through her experiences, such as costume designing for film and stage and participating in a Textile Curator internship at The Smithsonian Institute, Jackie has developed in to many facets of the industry. Her love of clothing goes beyond a stereotypical girl loving fashion, her passion is expressed through the spirit of entrepreneurship and the slow-fashion movement.